F-16V and Mirage 2000 in combat: Taiwan’s last line of defense


Taiwan’s skies turned red in a show of military force. The roar of F-16V and Mirage 2000 fighter engines echoed through the air as Taiwanese pilots prepared for a possible war with China.

In a joint combination, the two fighters prepared to intercept the SAM version of the TC-1 missile at dawn. The tension was palpable in the cockpit as the radar located the simulated incoming target.

The fighters intercepted missiles.
The missile was approaching at high speed, and the Taiwanese pilots braced for impact. But they weren’t going to let that missile hit their ground. In a bold move, the fighters intercepted the missile and destroyed it with pinpoint precision.

It was an impressive display of the Taiwanese Air Force’s skill and training and their desperation. Taiwan finds itself precarious as China steps up its military operations in the region. They can defend themselves, but they cannot attack.

China threatens Taiwan
US military strategists are in the area as observers and advisers, trying to help the Taiwan Air Force prepare for the worst. Chinese planes are constantly entering the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, forcing Taiwanese pilots to be constantly alert.

The tension is palpable in Taiwan, a small territory that does not have the strategic depth necessary to withstand a Chinese attack. Its fleet of ships, while powerful, is over 20 years old, and its air force is at a disadvantage in numbers and training. But Taiwan is clinging to its determination to defend its land and its people, whatever the cost.

The roar of F-16V and Mirage 2000 fighter engines will be a constant in Taiwan as long as the threat of war with China lingers. And Taiwan is determined not to give up without fighting to the last breath.

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