A US nuclear bomber flanked by six NATO fighters in a show of force.

An American B-52 nuclear bomber was flanked by six NATO fighters in a spectacular V formation. Spanish F-18s, Romanian F-16s, and Italian Typhoons joined the display.

The spectacular moment when NATO fighters flanked a US nuclear bomber in a show of force before Vladimir Putin was caught on camera.

NATO published photographs from yesterday showing a V formation of Spanish, Italian, and Romanian fighter jets protecting the bombers. NATO announced, “See what it’s like inside the cockpit of a US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bomber as it flies over Europe on a recent mission with NATO Allies.

“The B-52s train with the Allied Air Forces during their BTF (Bomber Task Force) mission reinforcing our Euro-Atlantic partnership.” The show of force comes after Kremlin fighter jets intercepted two B-52 bombers over the Baltic Sea last week.

The drone crashed into the Black Sea after a Russian plane dumped fuel on it, news broke on Thursday of last week. The US Air Force shot down the MQ9 Reaper drone after the Russian plane collided with its wing on the drone’s propeller.

Russia denied contacting the drone and said it malfunctioned when it went down near Russian-occupied Crimea on March 14.

Russia said in a statement: “A Su-35 fighter of the air defense forces on duty with the Western Military District were deployed to identify [the targets] and prevent a violation of Russia’s state border.”

The United States military referred to this as “unsafe and unprofessional behavior on the side of the Russians,” while National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby referred to it as “reckless.”

A war of words also broke out between Russia and the United Kingdom when the Kremlin accused Britain of having unleashed “genocide” by supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium tank shells.

A Defense Ministry spokesman accused the Russians of “deliberately attempting to misinform” about a “standard component and having nothing to do with nuclear weapons or capabilities.”

Then, Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, declared, “The use of depleted uranium ammunition is a manifestation of genocide against the population it is used against and the people who employ it.”

The UK is delivering DU ammunition to Ukraine along with 14 Challenger 2 main battle tanks. The enrichment procedure for nuclear weapons or fuel produces DU as a byproduct. The radiation from ingested ammunition can damage cells and increase the body’s predisposition to cancer.

On Monday, the UK’s junior defense minister told the House of Lords that the shells would be supplied because they are “very effective in defeating modern main battle tanks and armored vehicles.”
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