War Begins now(Video) US F-35 fire new secret missile fly enter warzone,Enemy air defence isn’t safe

Rafael Missile For F-35 Stealth Jets – World’s Most ‘Sought-After’ Warplanes To Get Ice Breaker Cruise Missile.

In March 2022, three F-35 fighter jets from the United States arrived at Israel’s Nevatim Air Base, raising the nation’s total number of these fighter jets to 33.

Israel will get an additional 17 F-35 aircraft by 2024, bringing the total number to 50 in its air fleet.

In the latest update, Israel’s defense contractor Rafael unveiled a new missile, a development that could add more teeth to the F-35 fighter jets.

On July 18, the fifth-generation Ice Breaker cruise missile debuted amid the UK’s sweltering Farnborough International Air Show.

Although the missile, which has a 120-kilogram warhead, is essentially the same weapon as the naval and land-launched Sea Breaker missile, it is built with even high survivability.

Yuval Miller, EVP, and GM of Rafael Air and C4I, said in an interview that the missile was produced using the Israeli company’s significant missile development experience.

This unveiling came a year after the debut of the Sea Breaker, which serves as the all-encompassing Ice Breaker on land and at sea.

The Ice Breaker delivers a broad range of commonality, combining now across all domains with improved capabilities, in addition to the land and naval platform application.

According to a press release from Rafael, Ice Breaker is an airborne force multiplier created to meet the demands of modern conflict.

It is resistant to electronic defenses and works flawlessly in GNSS-denied arenas.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger The missile system has passive imaging infrared seeker capabilities that allow for automated target recognition.

According to Yuval Miller, the weapons’ targeting system could be set up to choose where to strike a target to produce desired results.

The fully composite airframe of Ice Breaker is lightweight to maximize integration possibilities. An F-16 can carry up to four missiles, while an F-15 can carry up to seven.

Miller continued by saying that the weapon could also be added to the F-35, the most powerful fighter jet in the Israeli Air Force.

The manufacturer of Ice Breaker, Rafael, claimed that the cruise missile with a 300 kilometers range provides standoff-range precision strike capabilities against stationary or moving targets besides maritime targets in Anti- Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) bubbles.


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