US Insane AIR Jet Engine Makes China and Russia Panic

Wear and tear aside, the United States and China are developing jets that can fly forever – literally. Impossible as this sounds, the basis of the technologies involved have actually been around for millions of years, and you can replicate them in your college lab – watch to the end to find out how.

In this video, the US and China will once again push Russia aside; going head to head for some bragging rights and a chance to put a smile on Greta Thurnberg – seeing as both technologies share her passion for taking the fight to climate change. 

Lockheed Martin is making efforts to bring these numbers down but even an almost impossible 50% cost-per-hour-flight reduction would still not qualify the F-35 as economical. So instead of trying to edit the fighter and potentially reduce its lethality, the US shifted its focus to fixing the fuel.

A cheaper type of fuel with a similar ability to push jets past the speed barrier multiple times over had become a need. And this is where a chemical technology company, known as Twelve, comes into play.

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